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One of the most common strategies for contractor staffing is to augment your Full-Time Staff with specialized talent for a specific short term or long term need.  Sometimes referred to as "Try before your buy", our approach to contractor staffing is to treat all of the staff we place in an organization as our Full Time Employees.  

We believe in a long term relationship with both the organization we serve and the contractors we present to our clients.

For our contractors, this means we offer our contractors working at our clients' sites full access to job-specific training and certifications at no cost to them, as well as two salary options; 1) Salary + Healthcare + Paid Time Off + Retirement Savings, or 2) Top Salary w/o Benefits.

For our clients, this means you get the best available talent on the open market with people who are genuinely dedicated to their field of expertise and "in it for the long haul".  We do not discourage our contractors from seeking full time employment with our clients as long as our clients agree this is appropriate for their business goals.

We currently offer contractor staffing for both private and government sector organizations as well as special events.  We are actively recruiting and placing staff in all States in the United States of America and across all industries and job titles.

As part of our hiring process, we provide for drug screening, full credit and criminal background checks, and internal interviews with all candidates either in person or live video before presenting any candidate.  We check references, both personal and professional, as well as screen social media to ensure our contractors are a good fit for each client's organizational culture.

We only present candidates that we ourselves would hire.  In fact, we have been known to hire a contractor onto our own Full Time Staff at the end of a client's contract term.  Our client's always get the right to hire them first, and we never pull someone off a client contract (customers first!).

We do not offer sponsorship for employment to non-US Citizens at this time.

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Whether you need a response to a Request For Proposal, or you would just like to learn more about how we can help with your contractor staffing goals, please reach out to use via the web or giving us a call at (844) 888-BPMO (2766). 

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