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We run two primary types of programs under our Information Technology as a Service offering; 1) Project Support Modal and 2) Operational Support Model.

Project Support Model

We provide the IT professionals necessary to deliver a technologically complex solution and conduct operational training and handover activities near the end of a project to your Full-Time IT staff to maintain going forward. 

Examples include Data Center migrations, operating system upgrades, new office build-outs, and cyber-security platform enhancements.

Instead of hiring temporary contractors for a special project, or significantly taking away from your daily IT operations to focus on a special project, we provide a team of IT professionals who arrive on the project ready to go. 

Our IT professionals already work with each other on a day-to-day basis, so establishing their working relationships and communication styles are a thing of the past; they focus on the organization’s needs as a strong functional team on day 1.

Operational Support Model

Outside of a project, we provide the IT professionals necessary to operationalize a business need with a focus on improving quality and speedy delivery of a solution on a day-to-day basis. Examples include deployment of laptops and desktops to staff throughout your organization, managing the life cycle of both hardware and software, and on-boarding new hires with your technology requirements and training.

At its most basic level, many organizations are finding that hiring a company to outsource one or more IT functions saves time and money while increasing satisfaction with a customer-service model. Simply put, when IT is run like a business supporting a business and only paying for what is needed the organization experience is dramatically improved.

This allows your organization to focus on what it does best instead of being distracted by the need to tightly control an internal IT department or deal with temporary increases and decreases in headcount.

We will work with your organization to develop a transitional roadmap to cover which IT functions you would like to transition. This includes reviewing all the following with you as part of the transition plan, at a minimum:

  • Infrastructure
  • Architecture
  • Financial Goals
  • Corporate Culture
  • Operational Process
  • Functional Deliverables
  • Hardware/Software Life Cycle Management

Within the Operational Support Model, your organization no longer will view IT as a series of groups/silos slowly passing work from one to the other. You will begin to view IT as a single centralized customer service oriented team delivering quickly for you. 

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Whether you need a response to a Request For Proposal, or you would just like to learn more about how we can help with your Information Technology goals, please reach out to use via the web or giving us a call at (844) 888-BPMO (2766). 

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