Our Services

Project Management Office Services


We specialize in providing project management services for private, government and non-profit organizations.  When Executives are looking to change, upgrade, and/or implement something new for their organization, they rely on us to manage the people, processes, systems and communication lines throughout the life of a project.

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Information Technology Services


With so many of our projects having an Information Technology focus, we have invested in building up team focuses on all core areas of Information Technology.  This allows our clients' Full Time Employees to focus on day-to-day operations with limited distractions due to project specific activities until it's time to perform operational handover and training tasks for Operations team.

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Contractor Staffing Services


For those clients looking to strategically augment their staff with contractors without increasing FTE headcounts, this service provides the best talent on the open market.  In particular, large private and government organizations find this service extremely useful.  We recruit, on-board, train and handle all background/drug tests and Human Resources functions we support your staff.

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